Sex Amma: Boyfriend feels undesirable after gaining weight

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Q. Dear Amma, my boyfriend has gained quite a lot of weight recently. This doesn’t trouble me and I still love him a lot, but we rarely get naughty because he thinks I’m not attracted to him anymore. How do I convince him otherwise? Help!

A. Your ‘healthier’ half seems to be going through a phase of low self confidence. Amma is proud of you for looking beyond the flesh and loving the soul of the machhi. You’ve got to make him believe that he still gets your idlis steaming! Plan a romantic and exciting date to add lots of spice in the bland sambhar that your sex life has  become. Show him that you love him despite his love handles. He probably doesn’t feel very desirable himself. And the less desirable he feels, the more he’s likely to eat to feel better! Help him break this vicious cycle by taking up a new sport together, swimming for example. Sigh, Amma has had quite a few impromptu fun times while swimming in the deserted backwaters.

More than anything, little one, make sure you cultivate a caring and understanding environment. Boost his body image, and be patient. You will surely be rewarded with a crispy dosa soon! *wink wink*

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