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Four Bollywood movies that should definitely have a sequel

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While there are a lot of films which could have a sequel, these are the 4 films which I would definitely like to watch sequels of:

1. Sarkar Raj: The prequel “Sarkar” was not well received by the critics, as it was termed as just an ‘unjust copy’ of the Hollywood favorite “The Godfather”. However Ram Gopal Verma made an effort to reincarnate his thoughts in Sarkar Raj. He changes the whole plot of the Hollywood movie and adds his touch to it.

The movie ends with one of the protagonists, Shankar ( Abhishek Bachchan) dying while Anita ( Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) takes over the family business. However, what is more interesting is that Subhash Nagre (Amitabh Bachchan), in the last dialogue of the film, calls out for ‘Chikoo’ , Vishnu Nagre’s son leaving a sense of curiosity in the mind of the person watching the movie. This makes the movie – watcher craving for more. The movie could portray the growing up of Chikoo and how he ultimately handles the family business like Vincent Mancini in The Godfather 3.



2. Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen Par was well received by critics and was one of those ‘socially acceptable’ movies which spearheaded Indian Cinema into the world. The film takes us through the life of a dyslexic student who finds it hard to keep up with the normal school curriculum.

However, the protagonist ends up overcoming his inabilities and shuns the doubts everybody has of him. The movie ends with the protagonist, Ishaan (Darsheel Safary) leaving the remedial school that he joined after his abysmal performance in his previous school. This leaves a splendid scope for showing us how he tackles his upcoming obstacles in life and how he can achieve his fears in those situations. It would also be a wonderful sight if Ishaan becomes a teacher similar to Nikumbh (Aamir Khan) and help others in the same way.


3. Awarapan – The plot of this story revolves around a flesh trading ring, where Emraan Hashmi plays the protagonist, who is one of the capo régimes in such a business. Driven by unjust practices and religious flash backs, he ultimately kills his own boss and few of his associates and saves his boss’s sex slave and frees her.

The last scene portrays how the survivor, addressing the media in her country and narrating the whole story. Flesh Trade; being a very sensitive topic, such movies can be introduced after being inspired by the Hollywood movie, ‘Taken’ which revolves around the same topic yet portrays how an Intelligence agency official’s daughter is dragged into the human trafficking ring and how he ultimately rescues her daughter. The sequel to Awarapan could deal with such a topic.


4. Rock On!! – A movie which takes the viewer through the life of a band formed by five talented musicians and friends and the various hardships it faces. The band ‘Magic’ is well received for its musicality, however, record label disputes terminates it. A few years later, the members get rid of their personal differences and ultimately win a big competition. The movie also features a splendid collection of songs which were well received in the music market as well.

The epilogue of the movie relays that the keyboardist ‘Rob’ dies of cancer and that the guitarist and the drummer start a record label themselves and that the band meets every weekend. This provides a scope for a sequel. This movie can provide insight about the music industry a bit more. Probably taking us through the life of a record label company and how the back end market of the music industry works. The sequel is highly expected this year.



These four movies have proved their worth and they leave a scope for sequels which are highly capable of success.








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