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After winning nationals, Enactus SSCBS gears up for the big game

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Enactus SSCBS recently made Delhi University proud with its victory at the Enactus Nationals held in Mumbai, this July. The finals saw numerous teams coming in from all over India to compete on whose social endeavors had the maximum impact. 

Enactus SSCBS, with its three super successful projects- Project Akshar, Gramodhar and Sanitation Solutions (among others), took home the champion’s trophy and the task to compete with Enactus teams from all over the world at the Internationals- ‘The World Cup’.

With the internationals to be held in October in Beijing, China – the glory of the previous win has been mantled by the bigger task of preparing for the big game. Here is what their President, Vatsal Khullar, had to say about their victory, the team and the fast approaching trip up north.

Was the victory expected? Which other team do you think was closest to yours?

Well, to be honest, the idea wasn’t to win. The idea was to tell everyone the kind of work we’ve been doing and the kinds of impact we are trying to drive. I personally thought IIT Delhi and SRCC have very impactful projects.

How different is preparing for the Internationals from preparing for the Nationals?

It’s the ‘World Cup’! We’ve been juggling crazy hours since the Nationals. So our presentation is much more focused on making it a more holistic presentation of India and our projects. The presentation for the World Cup has to be much broader and varied. It’s more like representing the entire country.

This is the second time SSCBS has won the Nationals. Is there a rule book to victory?

If there was, I wouldn’t tell you! No. But honestly, the kind of commitment a team has to their project resonates. What really worked this time was the kind of dedication and belief our team had on each of the projects. It really went a long way in making the presentation and our team look very strong.

Of all your projects, which project do you think has managed to create the greatest impact and, as they often say, changed lives?

‘Give a man a fish, you fill a stomach. Teach him how to fish and you change a life’. Our project, Sanitation Solutions, has been adopted by the government and is being implemented in 21 districts across the country. So in a way, the ripple effect will be massive. But that being said, project Gramodhar has seen amazing response. We’ve already managed to create over 10 entrepreneurs.


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