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A look at Gargi College’s Students’ Union elections

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In the midst of jitters, confusion and excitement , Gargi College elections were held on Friday, 28th of March’14. Students came up to vote in huge numbers as voting convened from 10am and stretched on till 2 pm.

The election process had begun with the release of nomination forms. Applicants were required to fill all necessary information which included the post they were applying for and also answer a few questions, on the basis of which they were to be shortlisted. The shortlisted applicants had to submit their agenda which was then put up on the main notice board of the college on 21st March.

The campaigning for elections started once the agendas were displayed on notice board. Candidates were allowed to campaign only during college hours and inside the college campus without use of personal funds. The electoral debate, Big Fight took place on Wednesday, 26th March in the Arts Quad of the college, from 10 am to 4pm. An informal confrontation,  students were allowed to put up their questions to the candidates based on their agenda. Says Jayapriya, the newly elected Cultural Secretary, “Though I was nervous at the beginning, but then the continuous support from my peers made me confident and now I feel that I am capable enough of handling the cultural department.”

On the day of voting, every student was given a slip which had the list of the candidates against their proposed post. Students were supposed to tick against the names of candidates they wish to vote for and drop the slips into the ballot box. The results of the poll were declared at 5pm. “This is not my victory alone, everyone in the college will now be the decision maker. The power lies in the hands of students of the college. Gargi college has always been an excellent college and I want to take this excellence to new heights. And Congratulations to all the new union members!” said Kajal Bhatia, the newly elected President of the college.

Gargi College Students’ Union Election Results:

President- Kajal Bhatia
Vice President (Arts)- Binita
Vice President (Commerce)- Garima Sharma
Vice President (Science)- Sushmita Sharma
Treasurer- Rubinder Kaur
Public Relations Officer- Arshita Nandan
General Secretary- Parineeta Khera
Cultural Secretary- Jayapriya Nair
Sports President- Ruchi Bhatt
Sports Captain (Science)- Kriti Shukla
Sports Captain (Arts)- Nisha Pandey
Sports Captain (Commerce)- Arushi Gupta
Proctor (Arts)- Mehar Kakkar
Proctor (Commerce)- Ayesha
Proctor (Science)- Prapti Bajaj

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