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5 Things to do if you are not partying this New Year’s Eve

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If you think that the best part about New Year’s Eve is partying and you are cursing your stars because you have to stay at home this year for some reason or the other, then you gotta check out this list of things which can probably help you in making this New Year’s Eve exciting. Here you go:

1. Meet the old you

If you maintain a diary or a scrapbook, go through it. Realise how stupid you had been when you started writing your diary and note the process of change. Relive the moments which are gone, point out the mistakes that you had committed and speculate about the ways in which you can become a better person. There is no better time to do this but the beginning of a new year. You can also go through your Facebook timeline to see what status updates, links and videos you shared this year!

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2. Watch special programmes on television

Various channels offer a variety of shows to be watched on New Year’s Eve. Abstaining themselves from the regular melodramas, actors come across the audience in an entirely different form in order to entertain and amuse them. If you are a die hard fan of some television actor, look out for him!

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3. Talk to your oldest buddies

Apart from just sending out a text wishing your friends a happy new year, take the initiative to actually talk to them. Pick out the people who were once a significant part of your life but you’ve been out of tough with and talk to them asking about their lives and how the year went. Trust me, you will end up reminiscing about the stupid acts you had done together.


4. Spend time with family

It has not been preordained that you have to spend the time with only your friends. Spend the eve with your parents, have a nice chat with them and reassert the importance of family. You can also cook something for them to make the night special!


5. Plug in your earphones

Create a new world for yourself. Get high without alcohol. Plug in your dearest earphones and forget the world.


New Year Eve comes only once in 365 days (well, mostly). Do not forget to make it a memorable occasion!

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