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Presenting a more interactive DU Beat

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The DU Beat team is extremely glad to present a new interface for our readers! Welcome to the new DU Beat – one that is more mobile, interactive and surely more focused towards the news that you want to read.


Is it the metro travel and the bus rides when you wish to read DU Beat? Well, DU Beat is faster and slicker on mobile now. Pages are lighter and at the same time more interactive. High five on being the smartphone and tablet addicts!


We love Facebook and Twitter and we know for a fact that so do you. That is why social media integration on DU Beat is stronger than before. Discover the total number of likes and tweets on every post and if you appreciate the content, participate and add one to the number! The next time you are reading an article, take a look at the number of shares on the left. If you like the post, make it count.


Delhi University is a place full of visuals – those of people, events and activity all around. The new DU Beat focuses on the same. Through the introduction of galleries, now get a glimpse of activity around the campus simply by glancing through a couple of photos. Look out for latest galleries on our homepage!


Digital Footprint of the Newspaper

The newspaper that you pick up every Wednesday has a different experience attached to it. Now, find the e-issue of the weekly newsletter easily in the website sidebar, conveniently placed for our readers to explore.

Interactive Reviews

DU Beat has always been enthusiastic about reviews. The idea behind the same is to share our explorations and observations with the rest of the student community. However, if reading a review on DU Beat seemed boring up till now, the new version is surely built to change that. Scroll at the bottom of every review and see a box with our rating and a summary of the analysis.


Adding to all these, we have several more features that will be added within the next few days. Until then, we hope that you like the change and would now love reading DUB a little more than earlier. We are exploring domains that are of interest for our readers and we surely love feedback.

If there is a suggestion that you want to make, do write to us as [email protected], mention @du_beat in a tweet or send us a Facebook message. We want to hear from you, no matter what the medium is!

Former Web Editor at DU Beat, Gurman loves everything about the web and new media. Technologically obsessed at heart, anything related to gadgets, Android and keynotes is bound to give her an adrenaline rush. Tweets at @GurmanBhatia.

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