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Sex Amma special: How to get laid?

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Ya what da? Some macchi actually shot his/her curious load from point blank range! But whether you’re a macchi caught in the net of perversion or just want to swim down uncharted territory, Amma is here to help you Maccha! So here are a few pointers that should help you point your pointer in the right direction:

1. Attend every party: Every party you are invited to, make it a point to be there. There’s no better social gathering like the intoxicated air of parties that’ll help you net some fishes. To increase your chances you may want to ‘pitch your tent’ at a friend’s house for the night- if you know what I mean?

2. Be good at something- GOOD: Pretty soon you’ll notice that in college, everybody is a somebody. Be it in a society, a newspaper, and some even claim to be Sex Amma! To set yourself apart- don’t rely on skinny pants, aviators and bling. be really good at something and charm the opposite sex with your skills. Do whatever you do best, find a niche for yourself and do your thang with.. what do you call it these days, oh right- SWAG.

3. Do not step on toes: If you want to do the no pants dance right, watch your moves. If you get all up in someone’s place you- creep them out, effectively ruining all chances.

4. Work on looks, AND HYGIENE: If Amma calls you macchi doesn’t mean that you smell like a dead one! Or look like you’re just out of the show Jailed Abroad. Even if you resemble Rajni Sir from real life, try looking like the onscreen Rajni Sir. Mind it!

5.  Don’t set your expectations based on what you’ve seen on TV, in movies or in Sunny Leone’s movies: This is real life, my dearest, here steaming the idlies requires you to let the batter set! Rome wasn’t built in a day, even though coitus connoisseurs will tell you otherwise. Rushing into things doesn’t make it fun, Amma knows this. However, rushing out once the deed is done and dusted has a thrill of its own!

Hope this crash course in sealing the deal helped you, especially the Fuccha boys and girls. Follow Amma regularly through the backwaters or under the sheets and college life should start with a bang- yes, you know what I mean!

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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