Delhi University fumbles with final year results, 200 marks go missing

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In what might be another notch on the its list of mishaps, Delhi University allegedly fumbled with results of the final year students of Journalism Honours. Apparently, the University forgot to add 200 marks to the final score.

According to the current syllabus being followed, the VI semester of the three year Journalism course has two papers -Seminar on current affairs’ and Human rights, Gender and Environment both conducted for the first time in 2013, along with the usual dissertation. The addition of these papers led the total marks to be earned in the VI semester to 400, in comparison to the 200 prior to that. The aggregate marks at the end of the degree now became 2400 but the results which were released on 12th July show the students to be marked only out of 2200, which created a situation of panic among some of the hopeful graduates.

At first, the students assumed that the dissertation marks had gone missing. While many distressed students were confused whether to consider themselves as graduates or not, Journalism students of Kamala Nehru College remained calm about the situation. “The best part is we already know are dissertation marks, so we can include them in ourselves” remarks a student, wanting to be unnamed. Students of other colleges did not share the same fate as their dissertation marks were not disclosed to them.

Later on, as Kamala Nehru students who already knew their dissertation score analysed the 2200 with the marks of their previous semesters, what came into notice was the fact that DU had included the marks of the dissertation but left out the scores of the other two papers.

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While, it is yet to be confirmed from any University official if an error has actually occurred, a faculty member of the course attested to the oversight on the University’s part stating that the University did forget to add the 200 marks and that a new result sheet would soon be uploaded.

The sudden bouts of high blood pressure amidst the students, led to several students using social media to share their worries and their anguish over the result.

Errors in examination results is surely nothing new for the students of Delhi University. Earlier this year, students had reported of over inflation of marks with students scoring 102 in a paper of 100.

[email protected]; Niharika is a journalism student. She loves new stationary, vintage collectables and the smell of expensive coffee. She can usually be found lurking between the dusty shelves of the library.

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