Admissions 2013

Economics admissions fiasco at Gargi and JMC

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Unlike other Delhi University colleges that kept their first cut-off high in order to avoid over admissions, Gargi College had its cut-off for Economics at 93%, while the average cut-off for Economics was fixed at 97%.  Gargi, which previously offered BBE (Bachelor in Business Economics) as a course, is offering Economics Honours as a discipline for the first time. The college was over flooded with students aspiring admission for the course. There was shortage of forms and students were provided with tokens instead. It had an intake which was approximately five times more than the sanctioned strength.

While many colleges are still admitting students, there are some colleges that closed admissions after the first cut-off. Gargi also put a stop to its intake process for almost all courses except History, Sanskrit, Botany and Mathematics. Economics is available in 42 colleges in the campus and most of them came out with a second cut-out. Gargi however, closed admissions just after the first cut-off admitting over 200 students against the approved intake of 40 students.

“According to the University policy and guidelines, its not the first come first serve basis for admissions, no one can deny admissions if a student is eligible for a course provided he/she comes within the time specified”, a lecturer from the college said. “When there are over admissions for a course, we increase the number of sections for the same so that the students and the lecturers do not face problems at the end.” the lecturer added.

Generally, at the most departments have two sections in a batch. With such a huge number, the batch might now be divided in to something around four to five sections. Space crunch, limited faculty and overall limited resources are some of the problems that such a situation could result in. When questioned with regard to the same, we got the response that the college is fully equipped to handle the situation and no college would take admissions otherwise.

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Jesus and Mary College reportedly had their own admission fiasco going on. On 3rd July hundreds of students turned up at JMC to try their luck at getting admitted even though they did not satisfy the cut off. Apparently lots of girls withdrew their admission from JMC’s economics course after the second cut off as they qualified for other courses. So JMC offered the jackpot, admission on first come first serve basis however it was not a formal announcement. Indecently more than a few people heard about it and there was a huge admission rush on the 3rd.

“I had called the office yesterday and they confirmed the rumour. But today they did not admit anyone below 95% because of the large number of students scored 95%.”said a disappointed DU aspirant, Varsha. Even though the official cut off declared was 96.5%, students were admitted at 95%.

Colleges are confused and unable to handle the number of aspirants. Some are overloaded while others are adopting under the table method to admit students. The Delhi University admission procedure certainly requires further improvement. Have something to add about the admission mess around? Share it with us in the comments.

Reported by: Shaily Sharma ([email protected]) and Pinakita Gupta ([email protected])

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