Admissions 2013

To every future leader DU lost this year

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Dear Future Leader,

Yes, I know you think this is easy for us to say. I know you think we have it all. We, with our fancy Delhi University degrees and sky high board results – what would we know about someone who couldn’t manage a seat in the country’s best university? No, we can’t possibly sympathise. And I’ll tell you why – because it’s our loss. It’s this University’s loss. The University should be pitied for being narrow in it’s thought process, almost to the extent of bigotry, and blamed for judging a student’s potential by something as unpredictable and as trivial as a board exam score.

It is this University, and it’s unbelievable cut off lists for 2013, that couldn’t comprehend your true potential. It is this University, apparently the best in the country which believes that your intelligence, ability, confidence and maturity can be reflected in simply one set of exams.

For every future journalist, writer, novelist, poet and literature enthusiast we lost this year, I’m sorry we didn’t even bother to see your writing – your wit, your insight, the books you’ve read and the things that inspire you. I’m sorry we thought that a 97% can encompass all of that.

All future entrepreneurs, business leaders, who needed a 100% to get through the best institutes of the country, you’re better than that. For everyone who missed out on a seat by a meager margin, I don’t even know where to begin to apologise. Apologise on behalf of the entire university. Apologise for never comprehending your true potential, for never even trying. For not giving you a chance – a chance at an entrance exam, a chance to rise up to your true calling.

On another tangent, I think the university’s loss of some of the best minds of the future is not it’s only loss this year. The much protested Four Year Undergraduate Programme and all its predicted downfalls might be a sign of falling standards. This is not my way of showing you a silver lining, but you probably do deserve better.

I will always regret not having a chance to be associated with you. I hope we have a chance to work together someday. Or just meet each other and learn from each other’s experiences. It’s sad that the University’s lost yet another chance to be associated with the Mark Zuckerburgs and Einsteins of tomorrow. You are the future, and this world is your oyster. So spread your wings, and go conquer. May you fly high, and may your flight be long.

With best wishes and a certain sense of hollowness,
A DU student

Bani’s love for books, people, travel and writing defines who she is and everything she does. An idealist at heart and a student of political science, she wishes to accomplish some fantastic journalistic work in her lifetime.

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