Movie Review: Go Goa Gone

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Film – Go Goa Gone
Starring – Vir Das, Kunal Khemu, Saif Ali Khan, Pooja Gupta, Anand Tiwary
Director – Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK

Go Goa Gone finds three hip young dudes in the throes of a quarter life crisis, facing extreme situations with more derring-do than smarts. Vir Das plays Luv, the typical lovesick, bad-boy trying to go good, but vows to live life on the wild side after getting dumped by his girlfriend, who entails on the vacation of a lifetime to Goa with his pothead and self-proclaimed casanova friend Hardik (Kunal Khemu), and uptight goody-two-shoes, Bunny (Anand Tiwari).

Go Goa Gone’s charming young cast and fresh premise has driven the film to earn positive word of mouth among urban audiences in India and overseas, suggesting lively returns for producer and co-star Saif Ali Khan, who plays the hilariously intimidating desi turned Russian zombie killer, Boris. ‘I keel dead people!’, he snarls.

The directors rely on smart writing and a genre awareness that ensures it isn’t another illogical blood-and-gore thriller. Go Goa Gone is neither a Night of the Living Dead nor a Shaun of the Dead; neither a generic horror film nor an overt parody. It is a fairly conventional slacker comedy. In simpler words, a watered-down Delhi Belly.

The soundtrack of the movie keeps you engaged and makes you want to try to focus, whereas the pretty, post- F.A.L.T.U Pooja Gupta provides you with enough eye-candy to survive through the bad graphics and zombie killing. Post-interval, the film does a zombie on us — it becomes dead, lumbering and tedious. The plot drags on to strangely sober zombies who were obviously chosen as cast from one of the Baga Beach rave parties itself.

The stoner jokes, sexual innuendos and gore keep the audience entertained, and the cast does a mighty fine job of portraying the characters. Overall, Go Goa Gone is a gloriously trippy ride.

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