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NEXUS 2013 – Cultural Extravaganza at Sri Venkateswara College

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The Student’s Union of Sri Venkateswara College will be presenting Nexus 2013, its annual cultural extravaganza on the 7th, 8th and 9th of March this year. Among the fest rankings that emerge in DU every year, Nexus almost always scores among the top 3 in terms of most-awaited, best organised and most glamorous. Over the years, Nexus has hosted on its stage a galaxy of brilliant singers that have included the likes of Indian Ocean, Euphoria, KK, Sonu Nigam, Shankar Mahadevan and many more! Spread across 3 days, Nexus 2013 is a cultural haven and is among the most sought-after platforms for cultural societies across the University to display their prowess. One of the most high profile competitions at Nexus is the Choreography competition that brings together the best teams to participate in an artistic display par excellence. In fact, Nritya, the Choreography society of SVC is one of the star attractions of the show, renowned for the perfect coordination, brilliant conceptualization and spell-binding performances. Another prominent event is the quintessential “Mr. and Miss Nexus” competition that encourages talented individuals to forward and showcase their confidence, talent and abilities in front of a large audience. This competition has the dual ability to attract both participants and audience members in large numbers! The evenings are dominated by 2 inter-related events. The Battle of the Bands is an intensely fought competition, allowing a large number of varied and exciting bands to play in front of an equally enthusiastic audience. The celebrity judges invited for the Battle of the Bands will themselves play the next night, appropriately labeled “Rock Night”. The most looked-after event is of course, “Star Night”. Occurring on the last day of the festival, Star Night is the ultimate chance for a college to showcase its brand, its organising ability and its scale of ambition. “Each year the suspense builds as to which singer/band will perform on star night. I am eagerly looking forward to this year’s announcement and will make plans accordingly”, is the opinion of a student from Venky. Alongside, there are a wide range of other events awaiting the students at NEXUS 2013. Visit their official Facebook page for further details, Vernika Awal Sri Venkateswara College]]>

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