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Harvard Ho! NSIT Delegation off to Harvard MUN

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They came. They saw. They conquered. And they’re at it again.

Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology or NSIT, one of India’s finest technical institutions and the only engineering college under the DU purview is once again sending a group of proud, talented and thrilled young debaters to the prestigious Harvard National Model United Nations this year. This is the third year in a row that NSIT is sending an entire delegation of budding diplomats to this esteemed platform of world debating.

Model United Nations or MUNs are a simulation of the actual working of the United Nations Organization- students get together in the form of various committees such as the General Assembly or the Economic and Social Council, represent a particular member nation of the UN, and work towards finding diplomatic solutions to some of the critical issues that the world faces today.

After solidifying their place in the MUNing sphere, whether it be by hosting the widely acclaimed and hugely successful first edition of their very own MUN last year or by taking Indian MUNing to new heights by performing spectacularly at a platform as prestigious as Harvard- the ‘techies’ from NSIT have truly done it all. The previous two delegations impressed immeasurably: NSIT was accorded the status of being among the top 20 teams visiting Harvard for the 2011 version of their mammoth event. Stellar performances in the past with students getting recognized for clarity of thought, knowledge of the diplomatic craft and solid preparation have laid the foundation for this team turning from then being India’s only representatives at that platform to now being underdogs no more- they don’t just want to go- they want to win.

“HNMUN is the zenith of competition in this particular form of debating. The opportunity is priceless. The fact that we have a group of people who have been active debaters throughout school as well as college, and having the invaluable guidance from seniors who’ve already been there gives us great confidence for the event”, says Daksh Sharma, a first- year B.E. student who has been chosen to be part of the delegation.

The experience that the previous delegation amassed is being put to definitive, ambitious use: preparations are on at a feverish pace, may it be intensive training sessions, team simulations of how the actual conference will be or the collective hours upon hours of research being carried out, the NSITians are leaving no stones unturned.

The students will be representing Afghanistan at the forum, something that they believe will be of great advantage. ”It’s a nation that has great relevance with respect to a vast range of social issues, whether economic or even military, implying that the delegation will be under great scrutiny throughout the event. This gives us an added advantage as far as the competitive aspect of things is concerned”, says Shifali Gupta, a fourth-year B.E. student also, head delegate for this year.

With an already established MUNing culture in DU which is clearly growing by leaps and bounds, great things are expected from this group of young enthusiasts from NSIT. The experience of two years, the effort of countless hours, the pride of competing at the highest platform- one can almost hear the resounding clarion call-Harvard Ho!

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