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Narendra Modi Delivers Lecture at SRCC Amidst Protests

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The campus of SRCC was bursting with energy all day long, with students all “suited-up” running helter-skelter, as it was the last day of Business Conclave 2013, the management fest organised by the Students’ Union of the college and the SRCC Alumni had managed to rope in Mr. Narendra Modi to deliver the annual “Sri Ram Memorial Oration”. The topic of his discourse was “Emerging Business Models in a Global Scenario”.

The security was tight, with the Delhi Police being at their best, on some occasions to the rather annoyance of the students. The Gujarat CM, scheduled to arrive at 4, actually arrived a couple of minutes earlier, impressing the students already with his act of punctuality, a virtue politicians are not really known for.

The session started with the welcoming address by Mr. Ajay Sri Ram, and after that Mr. Modi was asked to express his views on the topic. His speech was all about optimism. Citing verifiable examples from his Gujarat model of development, he spoke about how his governance has been instrumental in taking India overseas, dotting his speech with an immaculate sense of wit (read “idhar raigistan, udhar Pakistan)

The audience broke into loud applauds as he spoke on the “Soil-health Card” which Gujarat farmers possess, the fact that every cup of tea consumed by each present in the hall was made of milk brought from Gujarat, on getting to know about the forensic science university in Gujarat, the only one in the world and also on the first ever institute in the world on teachers’ education, which Gujarat boasts of.

Though it was a well-organised affair, it did not end on a very positive note with organised groups of students with left ideology staging a protest just outside the college.  But then there was also different group that all-hailed Modi in its slogans.

Vatsala Gaur
[email protected] 


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