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Approach at your own risk: Venky Administration

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One sentiment that is universal in the corridors of Sri Venkateswara College is that the college administration is completely “f****d up”. Anyone who has studied in Venky could tell you stories about days spent wasted outside the office, waiting for the people inside to awake from their slumber and pretend to be granting you forbidden favours. The number of classes that are let by every time you need to get something done from the office would alone suffice to push up your attendance by a considerable margin. The utter chaos that reigns on days of fees submission makes you want to pull your hair out. “They are rude and arrogant and do not reply to our queries”, said a 1st year student of the college. Multiple complaints have been made directly to the Principle who assures us every time that adequate action would be taken and that next time, students would face no such problem. However, nothing seems to have changed and students are still subjected to the same treatment. “When I went to get the revaluation form signed, Mishra ji asked me to wait so he could yawn and stretch and then told me that it would take two weeks to get a signature. He wouldn’t respond properly when asked why it would take two weeks”, says a 3rd year student from Venky. Clearly, the administration in Venky does not seem to have a lot of fans. It’s about time that they went in for a complete facelift.   Surya Raju [email protected] Image credits: Sapna Mathur]]>

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