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Word on the Street : Yashwant Place

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On a chilly winter morning, what can be better than a delicious plate of fat, drippy momos served hot and fresh with spicy chilly sauce , or mouth-watering, thick soup that burns its way down your hungry throat as you sit on a rickety bench in a cosy little shack, listening to the soothing tunes of old Hindi songs from a nearby radio? Yashwant Place, a ten minute auto-ride from JMC and Maitreyi College, offers just that. Both pocket and tummy friendly, this neat row of dimly lit eateries seems like the answer to a starved, broke student’s prayers. Though a few shops here serve North India as well, the Chinese cuisine definitely takes the cake. From honey chilly potatoes baked to perfect golden crispness and rich, creamy shahi paneer curry to go with your soft butter naan for the vegetarians to juicy Drums of Heaven and sliced lamb in oyster sauce for the meat-lovers, there’s always something here to match everyone’s tastes and preferences. The service is pretty good too, considering the almost non-existent staff (I think the same guy changes the radio station, takes the orders, cooks the food and gets it to the people), and the food reaches the table well within ten minutes of giving the order. With a meal for three very hungry people coming to just about Rs250, Yashwant Place scores when it comes to affordability as well. If food is on your mind, especially cheap Chinese food, then this is one place you would definitely want to come visit.

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