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Google into Google chrome got us excited.
The Qwerty into the touch got us excited.
The ball mouse into the laser mouse got us excited.
The Eicher Map into the GPS got us excited.
The desktop into the tablet laptop got us excited.

While an ordinary brain was sitting at home, enthusiastically celebrating these “inventions”, there were some extraordinary intellect craving for that which went beyond ends.

There are numerous videos that people post on Face Book and most of them vanish in the congested News Feed. But amongst the herd of videos there was one with more than a thousand people “like”-ing it, so I decided to weigh its worth on Face Book popularity. And Social Networking suddenly became a boon.

The Video was about Pranav Mistry and spectacular invention of the Sixth Sense. If you want to weigh the merit of the “Sixth Sense”, knowing that it is the INVENTION OF THE YEAR 2009 would be of necessary help. “Nothing can be and can not be one and at the same time and I am, I am Pranav Mistry.” So instead of sitting at his desk in the insignificant town of Palampur and thinking about how to get into IIT and follow it up with MIT, all he thought about was developing something wearable which would integrate the digital and the physical world and making it unique in unison. He was probably one step ahead of all of us when he fancied a virtual interaction between the real world and the world of data. He obviously had an upper hand when he successfully created a “gestural interface” to interact with information that lay embedded in an advanced digital world.

Pranav’s fast paced cerebrum was on a mission to find a system enabling the sentient human species to surpass natural perception and reach a level where access to accumulated data and knowledge was on constant access. What’s exciting is that he wished for a link to crawl across the confine of a screen and walk in the tangible world. The Sixth Sense was thus, born. In size it is as small as a bean but its effectiveness matches a bag full of them standing on the threshold of an explosion! It comprises of a pocket projector, a mirror and a camera. The link lies in the user’s pocket where the computing device sits pretty. The entire process of capturing, converting and interacting follows. It’s best explained by the man himself, so I suggest you log onto www.pranavmistry.com for a detailed explanation. Don’t blame me because I’m very obviously technologically handicapped in front of maverick himself.

It won’t sound as glamorous if I paint an intricate picture of clicking a picture with four fingers, then posting it on the wall and zooming in and out of it using a the thumb and the lazy index finger. Not to forget that it’s also tired and it needs a vacation. You won’t be impressed if I told you that you can pick up a graph from your book, with the friendly fingers, paste it on your paper interface and alter it? Of course, you will. I’m just testing you. And won’t you be left in disbelief if you picked up a book in the library and a Google search gave you reviews and rankings as you browsed through it? You’re blowing an “affirm” into the microphone.

For more miracles, log onto www.ted.com/speakers/pranav_mistry. You’ll be convinced on why you should listen to him. And once you’re done, explore the genius through his video on the “thrilling potential of the Sixth Sense”.

Merry digitus!

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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