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Its Holi folks! That time of the year again when you get to gorge and nibble on all those mouthwatering sweetmeats and drink to your health. {Ah, if only that was true!}


This festive season we’ll talk about the not-so-well known Holi delicacies and where they are conveniently available, without the hassles of licenses, if you know what I mean: P


1. Aloo Papads!

To misquote Keats, if Holi comes, can aloo papads be far behind? This is the time our mothers get all too busy with frying potato wafers. They are the standard chips with a desi twist!

Where to find them: your kitchen or your neighbor’s kitchen.


2. Bhang laddoos

Now this is a bit of a tradition in the Hindu college hostel, Holi is never complete without    smearing color on each other’s face; albeit after one has taken a bite of these laddoos.

Where to find them- your friendly neighborhood paan wala


3. Bhang golgappas

Although a new discovery, these are catching up with the young and sprightly, all too soon!

Where to find them- select street vendors


4. Shikanji

Made from squeezing out raw mangoes, this soothing juice is another big hit with one and all. It’s revitalizing and refreshingly good for the system as well.

Where to find it- any juice shop




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