Word on the Street: Around Delhi in Six Desserts

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– Krittika Sigh and Aniruddh Ghosal

Delhi with its army of coffee shops is slowly managing to do what we thought was impossible. The utter bastardization of the dessert! Instead of waiting eagerly for the dessert to come at the end of a meal, clay pies and brownies are the things that people will order while “hanging out�. DU Beat shudders at the ignominy of the situation and attempts at listing out five of the absolute best desserts in Delhi. Each one of them is capable of causing severe rapture and maddening of taste-buds. However, some of them aren’t really for the average student’s wallet: so may we suggest you get your folks to read this one as well…

Mississippi Mud Pie

Location: Big Chill, 68 Khan Market, New Delhi

Big Chill has fast established itself as one of the best places in Delhi for desserts. The alliterated and humungous Mississippi Mud Pie priced at a blistering Rs.110 is just bloody brilliant. Apart from the creamy layer of hot chocolate on top there is also a layer of biscuit underneath…sigh!

Brownie Blast

Location: All American Diner, India Habitat Center

Imagine this. A gorgeous sundae- rich vanilla ice cream drizzled with a fudge-y chocolate sauce topped with a variety of nuts. Now add to this equation huge chunks of an exquisite brownie. Place all this in a tall glass. Serve chilled. Yummmm!


Location: Flavors, 51-54, Moolcand Flyover Complex, Defence Colony, Ring Road, Delhi

In my opinion, the best way to wash down a heavy cheese filled Italian meal would be with one of the most recognizable Italian desserts – the tiramisu (a sponge cake soaked in coffee or espresso and a custard-like filling made with either mascarpone or cream cheese). No one does the Tiramisu better than Flavors. Served in brightly colored little mugs, this dessert tastes like mocha flavored dreams on a bed of spiked wet chocolate cake.
Warning: This dessert in the past has vanished within 3.7 seconds of being placed on the table; so keep your spoons ready.

Chocolate Sizzling Brownie

Location: Market Café, Khan Market (Opposite Khan Chacha)

Sizzling brownies are no longer a novelty. What with Café Coffee Days all over the city selling their cheap rendition of this amazing dessert at a staggering eighty bucks, many of us have forgotten what it really tastes like. Market Café on the other hand knows how its done. The sizzling brownie is brought to your table and the ice cream and the chocolate sauce are poured on top of it in front of you. As a result one is bathed in fumes of chocolate and vanilla as the brownie slowly fills up your senses.

Caramel Custard

Location: IIC, Lodi Road

Grab hold of a member of this fine establishment, even if it’s only to dig your spoons into this brilliant dessert. The caramel custard has proved it self to be an ideal and worthy match to their main courses which are light, flavorful and usually steamed. However, our advice would be to place your dessert order at the start of the meal, as they run out of this dish very soon. Much like a shooting star, the Caramel Custard is elusive but is completely worth it. Our taste-buds would also like to report that their apple pie with ice cream is also a MUST HAVE.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Location: Maurya Sheraton

As you sink your teeth into this delicious dessert…you can’t help but think “God Bless Sugar!”. The strawberry sprinkles coupled with cream and cake is enough to tickle your taste buds and keep you smiling throughout the experience.

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