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National Politics and DUSU- Influence, Hopes and Ambitions (1)

National Politics and DUSU: Influence, Hopes, and Ambitions

From Arun Jaitley to Alka Lamba, student politics in DUSU has revolutionised the lives of many we deem influential today. The slogans, policies, campaigns, and polling...


Being a Minority in India – of life, death and losing children to fake encounters

Have you heard of Ishrat Jahan? She was a beautiful nineteen year old second year science student. The second of seven siblings, she had taken the entire responsibility...


Antaragni: Unleash The Fire Within- 7 Days To Go

Antaragni- Antar + Agni(hindi)-The fire within. Antaragni, the annual intercollegiate cultural festival of IIT Kanpur, is a tribute to the fire that remains kindled in...