Kavach Chandra

Originally selected to be a part of tech team , he took upon writing qwerty owing to his interest for writing. He is in absolute love with the first generation of technologists who have shown this golden era to the field. Practically worships them; any word against Gates or Jobs will lead you into a verbal battle with him. Ping him at kavachc@dubeat for advice about any problem with your pc or laptop anytime.

parrot display drone

QWERTY: Consumer Electronics Show 2016

The Consumer Electronics Show features the works and innovations of the biggest, brightest and most beautiful brains. This year, like every other, the CES showcased the...

Xiaomi Mi6

Upcoming Tech in 2016

Every New Year our expectations from technology grow more with the question “What’s next?” in our heads. The existing tech, however innovative seems stagnated...


Qwerty: Summing up technology in 2015

While it may not seem so, technology has considerably increased its grip on our lives this past year. While tech in our day to day lives may not have progressed at a...


QWERTY: Mobile applications that pay

For the past few months, a large number of apps have come up which offer money in the form of recharge, coupons and even cashbacks when someone uses them. Here is a...


QWERTY: KnoDues app to track your dues when you’re out with friends

Flats and hostels are the two most conducive environment for great ideas. Facebook was started in a dorm room, Google was a class project and Apple in a garage. KnoDues...


QWERTY: Pokémon GO-Gotcha! Catch ‘em all

If you’re a kid born in 90s, 5pm to 5.30pm holds a very special significance for you. Whatever calamity might be hitting the world, this half an hour was Pokémon...


QWERTY: The ultimate apps for a smooth college-life

It has been a month since college reopened, and you’re facing the following problems: 1) You’re trying to mentally calculate how many classes to attend this semester...


QWERTY: The Narendra Modi App

With the amount of travelling that our PM has done in the past year, I am sure that every politically aware and responsible citizen of our nation who voted for him or...


QWERTY: Technology aids disaster relief efforts in Nepal

Saturday, the 25th of April, was just another weekend until the hands of the clock struck 11:40:01. An earthquake of magnitude 7.8 struck about 34km away from Lamjung...


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