Fake admission slip costs a family 1.7 lacs.

Fake Admission to Delhi University Costs Student 1.7 Lakhs

In an unfortunate series of events, a girl was denied her identity card in college as her name was not registered in the college records, all owing to an admission scam that cost her family 1.7 lakhs. 

After attending a week of college, a girl in the University of Delhi was unable to get her identity card issued. It was later found that the admission slip furnished by the student was forged. The student’s name was not found in the admissions list as her admission was not legally processed by the college administration.

The news of fake admissions in the highly coveted Delhi University does not come as a surprise. 

The police arrested a 21-year-old man, accused of allegedly duping a man on the grounds of getting his daughter admission in one of Delhi University’s colleges. In the FIR registered against the accused, Ashish Tanwar, the complainant, Arvind Kumar Singh, alleged that he took an astounding 1,70,000 for getting the admission done. (as reported by The Indian Express)

As per the FIR that was filed, the complainant had encountered the accused via a common friend, who attended coaching classes with his daughter. The accused reassured the complainant that he and his brother helped students get admission into the University of Delhi. Post this, he allegedly asked for money in order for him to start the complainant’s daughter’s admission, according to the FIR.

“I initially gave him Rs 40,000 after which the accused gave me an admission slip. He then asked me to give him the rest of the money so that he could finalise the process,” the FIR stated. “The accused took the rest of the money in cash from the complainant outside the college, following which his daughter attended classes for a week. After that, the accused took back the admission slip under various pretexts,” the officer told The Indian Express.


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