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A DU Beat Guide To Withdrawal Procedure

In the course of saving seats and subsequently moving to better opportunities with the drop in cut-offs, here is a much-needed withdrawal procedure guide.

1. Confirm with the college that your best of four matches: Some colleges and courses have different criteria for calculation of best of four percentage. Check and confirm with the college that your best of four calculation is in accordance with their guidelines before cancellation.

2. Fill the withdrawal form online: The Delhi University online portal provides a form where you have to specify the college and course you are withdrawing your admission form.  Note: It is advisable to visit the college you are withdrawing admission from on the 1st day of the cut-off so that you have the other day to secure your Collection of documents and admission in another college.

3. Collection of documents and admission in another college cancellation: Visit the college where you took admission. Submit the copy of the cancellation form and pay the cancellation fee of INR 500. Ensure that the college cancels your admission on their online platform.

4. Fresh Admission: Go to the new college and fulfill all the formalities that you completed during your previous admission. Make sure you have a copy of the previous fee receipt with you. The Admission fee will be adjusted automatically and you will only have to pay the balance fee. In case the new fee is lesser than the paid fee then the extra fee will be refunded.

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