Lady Irwin College wins group dance event; Day 3 of Oasis concludes with EDM

Day 3 at Oasis 2016 was packed with colourful events such as Pitch Perfect, Splash, Poetry Slam, and others, which added to the atmosphere created by Amit Trivedi’s live performance the night before.

The results of the previous day’s events were also declared. Lady Irwin College won the first prize in Razzmatazz, the group dance competition. Funk In Motion of Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology bagged the second prize. Swaranjali was an umbrella event which included group and solo singing competitions. In the group category, Deshbandhu College won first place, whereas the individual category had winners for all the different musical instruments. In Desert Duel, a solo dancing competition, Mehul Sharma won the first prize, followed by Divyanshu Kumar. Both participants are from the College of Vocational Studies. Finally, the Drums Duel was won by Shri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, and second place was awarded to St Xavier’s College of Commerce.

Image credits: Harshit Thukral

Image credits: Harshit Thukral

Pitch Perfect, an acapella event, also had its final round on Day 3, the results of which haven’t been declared yet. Other events included Blab, Poetry Slam, and Story Baazi – a talk by Divya Prakash Dubey, a Hindi literary artist. Night’s Watch was organised by the astronomy club which was in perfect harmony with the theme of the fest, ‘Of Gods and Men’ where students related Greek, Roman and Indian mythology to stars.

The night concluded with the highlight event – an EDM prof show by Zaeden.


Feature Image: Vegh Daswani for DU Beat

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