Book Review: Dreamcatcher by Rosheena Zehra

The wings of human mind often fly us into the universe of thoughts and feelings. Dreamcatcher makes the reader take a roller coaster ride into the life of the protagonist Zoya. It unravels the journey of a young DU girl towards realizing an ultimate dream of love through various events that unfold in her life. It offers the reader a plot that amalgamates romance, realizations, sadness and dreams all clubbed within the boundaries of the madness of someone’s mind.

We all come across various people in our lives who make some impact in our day to day decisions. The story makes the reader come across very similar characters whom the reader can relate to someone around him. The plot moves in a way which offers various surprises to the reader in various unexpected ways. At times the story even forces the reader to stop for a while and relook upon the world which he lives in, things which he unknowingly does and its consequences. The life of the protagonist offers the most of the book. The way she takes her stint with the reality as a nightmare and her experiences in the world of madness make her hook up a life of compromises and recovery is another good things among many which this books comes with.

Filled with events which are dictated by thoughts both justifiable and absurd of human mind and a hidden message of madness, this book is one of the good ways to cool yourself this summer.

About the Author

Rosheena Zehra studied English literature at Miranda House, University of Delhi and Jamia Milia Islamia, respectively. Writing from the age of eleven she had her first story published in 2009 followed by another publication of a prize winning short story, Moon in 2004. The author can be found at:





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