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Discovering a new show and getting addicted to watching it has been my favorite tradition throughout college. While things have rather turned serious now that college is ending, this tradition of scouting for new TV series has not faded (yet). The newest series on block is NBC’s Superstore that stars on Comedy Central on weekdays at 7 pm. It opened to a wide reception and an IMDb rating of 7.5 and recently renewed its second season contract.

While the plot is your usual take on stores like Walmart and Target, it is a funny concept overall. The humor is surprisingly refreshing and the actors all quite good. Mad Men’s Ben Feldman plays one of the main characters in the series while America Ferrera, of Ugly Betty fame plays his possible love interest. There’s an ensemble of other great characters with very eccentric personalities what with a Latin woman, an ambitious gay guy, an African-American guy, teen mom, you name it.

The cast might come across as clichéd, but I think that’s the main idea. The overall concept is to dive deeper into the logics and emotions of each of these characters and witness their reactions which mostly always are politically correct and comical!

What I like most about this show is that there are no frills attached. It’s an easy concept and it keeps the plot engaging without the usual cliffhangers in thrillers. While it’s a bit stereotypical with its storyline, the comic timing is as great as any other show. The characters are all simply trying to get “their shift together,” which makes relating to them that much easier.

The show is rapidly evolving, and there are always too many things happening at once. But it has definite potential for the upcoming exam-time binging!

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