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Book Review: Love Forever @ Rajpath by Kalpana Mishra

At some point of time, all of us meet someone likeable at our workplace and tend to build up a good relationship because our thoughts and opinions match. But how often does it materialise to something worthwhile? And if it does, what happens when there’s a clash between our families, their backgrounds and beliefs?

Love Forever @ Rajpath is one such story about a girl named Shalini and the guy she falls in love with, Kartik. The book encapsulates their entire journey from the day they met, started talking, to their South Indian tour where they fell in love with each other. By the end of the novel, they are happily married but like every Indian love marriage, it wasn’t easy at all.

The book has been written by Kalpana Mishra, an alumni of ARSD College, University of Delhi and a Group A officer under Government of India. What separates this book from other love stories is the fact that it talks about certain relevant issues in India. The first important issue is of Zabaria Shaadi, a practice in Bihar which compels men to get married without their discretion. Those who do not conform to this practice, get mistreated, exactly like Kartik in the novel.

The second most important issue is of women’s education and career. Shalini, the female protagonist of the novel always makes thoughtful decisions, nicely balancing her professional and personal life. Thus, the novel brings forth two important facts- first, that men are subjected to some forms of injustice too, and the second that if everyone can be as supportive as Shalini’s family, India has a good future in store.

The novel’s language is lucid and makes this book a page turner. Relevant to a lot of people’s lives and stories, this is worth a read.


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