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Book Review: The Covert Perspective by Sambhav Ratnakar

Just when you think you’re being productive and creative in your field, a 15 year old comes out with his mystery thriller book to give you a reality check.

Sambhav Ratnakar,  the author of ‘The Covert Perspective’ actually wrote a book at the age of 9 but decided not to publish it.

For the storyline, there exists a document that has the power to profoundly change India’s international relations and its home politics: a secret that could be devastating for the nation and create severe strife among its people.  The Indian intelligence will do everything to protect it and a teenager, everything to access it,for it holds the truth that everyone deserves to know.


Sambhav decides to keep the protagonist of the same age as him reflecting his motivations and ideas. It also allows young readers to connect to the lead and share the teenager’s mindset, attitudes and actions. With the ever-increasing gap between the generations, it is rare and unique to see the plot of the story starting with the grandfather entrusting the mission on the teenager, his grandson.

Instances inspired from films and novels are reflective in the narrative indicating their popular appeal among the youth. There were a few things that had their beginning but not their end, and it would’ve been nice to have some closure in a otherwise detailed novel like this.

The Covert Perspective asks some surprisingly philosophical questions in a subtle way and never for once reminds you that it’s a teenager’s work. With its fair share of twist and turns, it keeps you guessing if the mission will successfully see its end or not. Read for yourself and see what the 15-year has to offer already.



Shefali Bharati


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