Animal rights activist Ambika Shukla at Motilal Nehru College

Renowned animal rights activist and Director of ‘People For Animals’, Ms. Ambika Shukla visited Motilal Nehru College on 30 October, 2014 to give a talk on her social entrepreneurial journey in the field of animal welfare and suggest ways in which we can provide solutions to animal cruelty.

The seminar started with the principal, Dr. B.K. Jain addressing the audience. He named a few startup NGOs which eventually turned into money-making businesses while expressing his concern over the genuineness of budding social entrepreneurs and praised Ms. Shukla for her persistent efforts.

Ambika Shukla managed to touch the right chords with the students through her logical and scientific reasoning of every aspect that she preached during the talk. She started with an explanation of how we actually help the human race when we set out to help an animal through the example of ‘Project Tiger’ which led to the government declaring “no-go zones” or forests isolated from humans which proved to regenerate surprisingly well and saved millions of people from natural calamities. She elaborately spoke about the benefits of adopting Indian dogs and the pedigree breeds being born as a result of experimentation by humans who fiddled with nature to customize the characteristics of dogs eventually leading to genetic flaws causing them to suffer even today. She highlighted the inability of India to ensure implementation of the         Animal Cruelty Prevention Act 1960 and urged students to report cases of animal abuse to the police as they are criminal offences. She then turned to the importance of vegetarianism and shared some of the common questions bombarded at her on the issue along with answers which certainly left us pondering on whether our meal is worth an animal’s life. One such question being, “Won’t the chickens overtake the human population if not eaten?” The speaker explained that their population would instead subside to its natural number if not impregnated for commercial use.

Ms. Shukla brought up examples of how animals today are treated as mere money-making tools rather than living beings with senses, the pain inflicted on them during experiments, and the hidden torture in zoos.  In the end, she gave us valuable tips to befriend man’s best friend followed by a Q&A session with the students.

Image courtesy: Sreyanch Banthia from Enactus MNC

Ishani Rajkhowa is a student of Economics Honors at MLNC. She wishes to build a career in Economics while enjoying writing/journalism as a hobby. She believes writing has immense power and has also been a concrete tool in her work for animal welfare to which she is truly devoted since the dawn of her college life. Ishani has diverse interests which includes an inquisitive attitude towards history, politics and she can often be seen engrossed in the TOI app in her phone. She knows the right balance between work, fun and family(including her dogs who are dearest to her).

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