Tentative datesheet puzzles FYUP students, shrugged off by DUTA

Delhi University brought out its tentative datesheet for the I/III/V semester. Shadowed by existing confusion and many questions, the datesheet has once again managed to stir a controversy. This news has taken many by surprise since the datesheets have been released without any clarification on the revised structure and syllabus. With no clear instructions for the FYUP batch and their subjects, the datesheet makes little sense.

According to the datesheet released on 9th of July, the current FYUP batch of 2013 will have 5 papers out of which one is an inter-disciplinary paper. Accustomed to managing only 2 main papers till last year, the batch of 2013 has a tough road ahead, full of uncertainty and loads of academic pressure.
The biggest cause for concern is probably the subjects in the third semester.  Ayesha, an Economics (hons.) student from IP College for Women feels that (in accordance with the new datesheet) they aren’t being able to study the subjects which they are actually supposed to. She says, “It seems like a joke with 4 papers and 1 interdisciplinary paper which seems more like a Foundation Course (FC). Also, how can we study a paper like Econonometrics without doing statistics first?”

Vani, a Commerce student from Jesus and Mary College says, “The re- introduction of B. com programme for the coming batches has led to some confusion. It’s strange to have two datesheets for semester III. The major glitch lies in the fact that Business Mathematics, a paper which we did in semester 2, has been included again.”

Ishaan, another student of Bcom (hons.), College of Vocational Studies, feels that only the datesheet in itself is not enough to be commented on. However, he’s disappointed with the shrinking of the DCII subjects.

We spoke to Nandita Narain, DUTA, who says, “This is completely bogus since the course of the FYUP batch hasn’t been approved. This is a complete mistake and this datesheet doesn’t stand.” JM Khurana, Dean of Student Welfare said that he had no information regarding this.

Though some students might feel relieved, others are bracing themselves for the worst now. At present, it’s a game of wait and watch for the students.


Ishita Sharma


Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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