Smriti Irani requests VC to reinstate suspended officials, VC denies suspension

Delhi University on Friday reportedly suspended 5 officials of its School of Open Learning for leaking documents related to the newly appointed HRD Minister, Smriti Irani’s education at SOL.

This move came after a Hindi daily published information contained in the leaked documents. The documents reveal that Smriti Irani had taken admission in SOL last year but did not take the examinations. The officials suspended include a section officer and 4 officials below him in hierarchy.

However, Irani, who is already caught amidst a war of words between the Congress and the BJP regarding Irani’s alleged misrepresentation of educational qualification in her election affidavits, appealed to the Vice Chancellor to reinstate the officials. She also took to Twitter to voice her opinion by saying, “Since DU is an autonomous institution I have put forth my personal appeal to the VC to reinstate the officials. In public life one should be open to scrutiny and criticism. So am I.”

Congress leader Digvijay Singh earlier slammed the Modi government accusing it of “not caring for transparency”. He went on to mock the central government by tweeting, “Achhe din aa gaye hein.

After Smriti Irani’s tweet, Digvijay Singh thanked her and asked to her to come clean with her true educational qualification. Irani and her defendants continue to appeal to the masses to judge her by her work and not on the basis of her educational background.

Though certain officials from the University issued statements about the suspension, the Vice Chancellor, through a Press Release yesterday, said that “The University has learnt that no suspension order has been issued to any employee of the School of Open Learning”.

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