With Rakhi Sawant having raised the bars of lunacy so high in the last season of Swayamvar, NDTV Imagine could not have found a better candidate than Rahul Mahajan to fill her shoes and maintain said levels and he does so with panache. If Rakhi had her sleeveless, backless, frontless dresses, fluttering eyes and pouting lips to entrap trusting egg-heads, Rahul manages to attract his share of female lovers with his charming laugh that even Mogambo would kill to have and romantic dialogues that seem to have been picked out of C-grade Hindi movies but of course sound like Beethoven’s symphonies in his gorgeous voice. The contestants outdo each other in their capacity to annoy and share a mutual hatred for each other on one hand and ardent devotion towards Rahul on the other. They cheerfully perform all the weird tasks set out from them (like breaking bits of flimsy wood by hurling themselves at it and imitating Charlie Chaplin) to prove their passionate love for Rahul as the Prince Charming himself in question stands on one side booming his demented laugh and waiting for the next over-excited participant to complete her task and come running into his hairy arms in exultation.
Swayamvar season 2 is to Rahul Mahajan what the looking glass is to Alice, the answer to all the fervent prayers of his women-starved self, his wildest fantasy played out on television screens across the country. For the audience, though, it is nothing but torture in Technicolor. I would have given it a rating, but how does one represent negative five?

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