Book review: Eat Pray Love

Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
Cost: Rs. 325
The book is an amazing journey of one woman’s search for everything across Italy, India and Indonesia. In her mid thirties, Elizabeth couldn’t have asked for a more comfortable life- A loving husband, a beautiful house in the bustling city of Manhattan and a flourishing journalist career. And of course, an expectation from her to start a family. That’s what set her thinking about what she actually wants from life.
A funny and deeply provoking story of a lady who struggles through a bitter and painful divorce and begins her journey of self actualization by taking a year off for visiting three well chosen places- Italy, India and Indonesia. The most appealing thing about her is that when she is told by an Indonesian, toothless medicine man that she is destined to spend time in Bali under his guidance to learn a new path to peace, not only does she believe him but also decides to go ahead with this new shown path. Her first stop is Italy where she explores food in the finest Italian restaurants and offers the reader a unique descriptive style of her pleasurable experience which would without doubt leave you appreciating your daily meals. The reader follows her to India, where she is honest with descriptions of swollen mosquito bites and distracted conversations with her mind. She finds pleasure in sweeping temple floors and learning new ways to meditate. She even has an ecstatic brush with Nirvana, which leaves her with a comforting insight into heaven: “You may return here once you have fully come to understand that you are always here.”
Finally her stay in Bali leaves her ready for a new love in her life.
From the introduction of the book which is aptly titled as ‘The 109th Bead’, to the reference of many Italian words, this book excites and informs you at the same time. A must read for all those who are looking for some insight into how to enjoy little things that come your way in this beautiful journey called Life.

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