Zoom In 2.0


On November 10, Zephyr, the film and photography society of College of Vocational Studies, organised Zoom In 2.0. It was the society’s first open air exhibition and featured more than 200 photographs, all displaying work done by the members of the society. The exhibitions saw students and teachers of the college attending and appreciating the work.

Zoom In 2.0 was not just an exhibition but also presented an opportunity through two competitions, Musiclick and Picturesque, where photographers were given a platform to showcase their talents at being interpretive and creative.

The team behind Zoom In 2.0
The team behind Zoom In 2.0

The event began after the inaugural ribbon – cutting ceremony by the Principal of the college. Picturesque was a DSLR photography competition where adjusting the exposure triangle (ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture) was the key, but interpreting the themes was the real test. The themes for the competition were Hope, Depth, and Rule of Thirds. Musiclick was a song based mobile photography competition. The teams were allotted a variety of songs and had to click pictures based on the lyrics and the story of the song.

The event met with success, with more than 150 participants in the competitions and praise for the organisation and exhibition.

Pictures and content by Zephyr, the film and photography society of CVS