Dear Amma, my boyfriend and I have been together for the past 3 years. From the past few months there seems to be a tension between us which has affected our sex lives. I had confided in him my desire of having a three-way some months ago and he had reacted very violently to it. I feel bad but even after all these months I haven’t been able to curb that desire. What do I do?

My little idli, you transported Amma back to the days where she herself had been in a similar situation!
Amma had been keen on experimenting in the bedroom and trying out new stuff and the reactions to it had been pretty similar!

Amma is a staunch supporter of having wild desires, and honest to my favourite rava idli, your desire isn’t even that wild! A three-way is the most common desire that people have and confess about. It is after all these desires that get the heat rising. So there is absolutely no need to feel bad or guilty. At the same time, Amma has to say that not everyone has the same kind of desires. Different people get turned on by different things.Inflatable water park

Here’s a tip: Wait a little, bring out the candles and try bringing up the topic again. Not suddenly, get him in the mood and get him talking of his weird fetishes that he may have or some wild desires that he’s always wanted to fulfill. He might agree to consider your idea of he’s in a setting which gets his juices flowing (creative and otherwise 😉 ) It might just be that you two find some common ones too!

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