Teach For India


Teach for India was started in 2009 by Ms. Shaheen Mistri, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization, taking ideas from Teach For America, a similar organization operating in USA. The organization believes in achieving educational equity for all the children across the length and breadth of our country. And they also aim to bridge the gap between various schools.  Starting from Bombay and Pune it has now spread its roots to Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai.

They recruit graduates and young professionals to teach in the Low Income Schools – both government and private. These young volunteers are required to work full time and for a minimum of two years. They are also given separate classrooms to teach.

Their work includes connecting to different communities as the children come from various backgrounds. Those from the low income groups also include the slum dwellers and labourers, etc. In their second year of work, the volunteers have to identify community-related issues, such as cleanliness, and work on them, along with the teaching.

Elisha Patel, who is a graduate from St. Stephens, works with the organization currently. On asking him about his experience so far, he says, “It is a very unique experience. Although there is minimal training, the progress is fantastic. There is a lot of hard work that goes into it, apart from the planning and the time spent on it. But the outcome is always satisfying.” Elisha is teaching in an MCD School where the children are provided with free education. The school is located in Majnu Ka Tilla which is at a walking distance from Delhi University North Campus. The children attending this school are those of labourers, cycle-rickshaw pullers, pani puri walas, road side vendors, etc.

One of the major upcoming events of the organization, Redraw India, is being held from January 12 (South Campus) to 13 (Arts Faculty, North Campus) in various Delhi University colleges. The event is basically for spreading awareness about the need for providing education across all borders and communities. The event also has competitions and many other things lined up. Some of these are: Tweet for education, Photo Competition and Gallery, Live photos, March Against Educational Inequity and others.


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