Intending to bring the protracted tussle between the students and the DSJ administration to a close, Mohammad Ali, a DSJ student and NSUI youth politician, submitted a petition to Pranab Mukherjee and Kapil Sibal.
Reaffirming its solidarity with the students of Delhi School of Journalism, who have been involved in a bitter protracted wrangle with the collegiate administration over the non-fulfillment of the salient promises and facilities mentioned in the college’s prospectus, the NSUI, at the behest of Mohammad Ali, submitted a petition to the former President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, as well the former HRD minister, Kapil Sibal.
Despite a slew of vociferous protests and agitations by the students, most of the promises touted by the administration were never fulfilled, which led to tremendous discontentment and upheaval amongst the students, who viewed such affront as a terrible betrayal and blatant fraud. For the past year and a half, DSJ students have been interminably beseeching the DSJ administration to fulfill its commitments to the institution, none of which ever materialized.
The institution, which was launched amidst much fanfare, has turned out to be a perennial bone of contention between the administration and the students, as DSJ lies in a derelict state on account of the former’s inept handling of the imbroglio and lethargic implementation of the promises facilities and infrastructural capabilities, much to the chagrin of the students. This prompted the students to spearhead the “Stand With DSJ” movement, which has been galvanizing support from major quarters to raise its petition with the relevant authorities and influential stalwarts.
Mohammad Ali also stated that the former President assured the DSJ students of his support, and declared that he would send a letter to the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Delhi. Furthermore, Ali claimed that Kapil Sabil assured him that he would table the DSJ logjam in the Parliament in case the impending sessions don’t turn out to be a washout.

Mohammad Ali, in conversation with the DU Beat correspondent said, “I talked to Pranab Mukherjee apropos to the issues plaguing Delhi School of Journalism, on account of which students have been agitating for the past year and a half. The issues that find prominence are around the media lab, library, hostel, and the steep spikes in the fees. On account of DSJ and DU turning a deaf ear to our pleas, we were forced to approach the chambers of the former President of India.”


Feature Image Credits: Mohammad Ali
Adeel Shams
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