SOHAN (Sohan is one of the most prominent and recognizable faces of this generation. From humble beginnings, he has risen to the heights of popularity, inviting adoring fans and world-wide acclaim. An entertainer, an environmentalist and a Good Samaritan, he truly is a model turned role-model for today’s youth. Despite his celebrity status, he finds time for himself, his fans and DU Beat. ) FAQZ Q How many girlfriends does Sohan have? Sohan has had many multiple unique gfs. As you know JK rolling is writing my biografy, it start with quote “Galz will come and galz will go but sohan will go on forever”…lolz No I not gay. Q How can I be cool like Sohan? You can’t…lolz…no I serious. Q What is Sohan’s fitness regime? How does he stay fit?  Sohan’s gifted with goodlooks and good body and best mind (thenks to godz grace and mothers blassings). Sohan need no fitness, all fitness done at nite…lolz Q What is Sohan’s favourite holiday destination? I travel a lot in my private jet, with private pilot. I party a lot on plane part of mile high club. Every place like LA NY TOKYO NOIDA Europe is nice BUT best place is Sohan face…I poet n not know it. lolz Q Who is Sohan’s role-model? Let mathematics do explanation (taught to me by Mark Zuckerberg (origin of facebook)) Sohan role-model of world. Sohan belong to world. => Sohan role-model of Sohan. Q Does Sohan read Sex Amma? Does he have any advice for her? Yas. Sex amma do good job…lolz. Good advice to youth and old alike. Only tip I have for her is to not use coco nut oil, it smell bad. Turn of. Q What are Sohan’s favourite pastimes? Sohan likes adreneline rush, like skydiving, stage performance infront of billionz fans, falling in lou. Sohan is also like hanging out with frands, buddiz and bappi da (respact) Q One word that describes you best. Attitude. Q How can we stop global warming? Global warming big fraud urban legend started by ma homie Al Gore…Kool guy, funny name, but say weird things when drunk…lolz Q What are Sohan’s views on the following? (i) Recent oil spills. 3 words – Washing….Powder….Nirma! (ii) Protest in Egypt They should all go back to their mummies…lolz (iii) Recent price rise/inflation. Sohan not effected…Kanta bai buy wedgies, Driver Sharma (of my Rolls Roy Fantom, limited edition, exclusive) buy petrol (xtra premium) PUT THIS IN A BOX- Sohan’s Valentine Message “Why celebrat lou on singular dayz in year – such as valentine day, chocolate day, rose day, republic day, fathers day. Tru lou is everyday every moments. 24+7” (As told to Hunar Katoch. You can catch Sohan on youtube www.youtube.com/user/sohan2kool, or you can email him at [email protected])]]>