simran girls pg


While getting a Delhi University college might be a big hassle, finding the right PG doesn’t have to be!


With its prime location in Vijay Nagar, and the proximity to the prestigious North Campus, Simran Girls’ PG becomes an obvious choice for girl students looking for a place to call home, away from home. For more than 12 years, the place has provided safe and secure accommodation to girl students, without having to burn a hole in their pockets.

Location: The PG is located in Vijay Nagar, making it the most convenient option for North Campus students. Rest assured; you won’t be late to the 8 a.m. lecture!


The PG is located in Vijay Nagar.
The PG is located in Vijay Nagar.


Facility Features: With a common area, a terrace garden, parking, indoor gaming zone, and prominent places surrounding it, Simran Girls’ PG gives a community experience to the college years. Students are also provided with a bed, a mattress, and clean drinking water at all times. The rooms are fully-furnished and well-ventilated, and have storage spaces to keep up with the big dreams that graduates-to-be carefully tend to.


With a comfortable common room, residents can mingle with each other after college hours.
With a comfortable common room, residents can mingle with each other after college hours.


Security Features: 24×7 CCTV monitoring, helpline services, and a round the clock guard on duty, Simran Girls’ PG ensures that the safety of the students residing with us. We also have facilities like on-call doctor and first-aid boxes.


A safe environment is provided to the students.


Meal Features: Three full meals, and evening tea/coffee is served keeping in mind the nutrition and hygiene of the food. Professional chefs are employed, and only good quality produce is used to prepare the food.


Residents can keep the food fresh in the refrigerators we provide.


Rent: Despite being centrally located, the rent is especially low, starting at INR 7,000. Living this close to Campus gets especially pricey, but that is another worry crossed out of your list.


With such a low rent, these rooms are a steal.
With such low rent, these rooms are a steal.


Housekeeping: We have professional housekeeping staff to ensure cleanliness and hygiene of the place. The cleaning equipment is provided to the staff by the facility itself, and students don’t have to worry about getting their space tidied up.


room 3
While you worry about your education, we will worry about keeping your room tidy.


Besides this, the owners take special care to personally interact with the residents, and make sure their needs are met. Repairs, maintenance works, etc. are handled instantly to make the stay hassle-free.


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