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In a trophy decision for the student fraternity, the University has waived off the fee that used to be charged for revaluation of the answer scripts of the students subsequent to the declaration of the End-Semester Examinations.

In an unprecedented decision coming out from the High Court of the national capital, it has been proclaimed that the University shall waive off all the fee that was erstwhile charged for the revaluation of the answer scripts, making things easy for the always financially insecure student fraternity.

The court refuses to stay the validity of the Central Information Commission (CIC) order, that allowed the scrutiny of answer scripts through Right to Information (RTI), and instead, plans to undertake a deeper look at the order passed by the council. To ensure that a proper channel is followed, the court also waived off the fee that the University used to charge for the purpose. The court plans to question the right of the students to seek inspection of scripts on a later date. January 30, 2019, has been allotted as the next date of hearing on the matter.

In the light of an RTI filed in the month of September, 2018, the decision comes as a financial set-back for the University, which accrued revenues of around INR three crores between the sessions 2015-16 and 2017-18, through fee levied on the students for revaluation of scripts and charges levied for handing over Xerox copies of the answer scripts to the students.

The case was born when two years ago, in 2016, when a former law student at the Varsity demanded the scrutiny of his evaluated scripts through an RTI petition. The matter dragged in the court for two years, but failed to gather pace. Hence, the student was compelled to move to the CIC, which delivered the verdict in the student’s favour, allowing him the inspection of his scripts as it is prescribed under Section 2(j) of the Indian Right to Information- “larger public interest”.

With figures input from IANS.

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