A new semester is either a dreadful or a pleasant opportunity for the Delhi University students. Irony hangs heavy when the experience of going through ‘Board Exams’ every six months has students on the extreme ends of the stress spectrum. Either they are stressed and anxious right from the beginning or are ‘casual’ about the supposedly serious things. For both kinds of people, here are three things to keep in mind for a new semester

1. Setting a target

Right from the beginning, set your goals for a new semester or just set the goal of not setting any after all. Changing things midway won’t land you either way. If you decide to achieve something by the end of the semester, then strive for it. If you decide to drop goals in the middle then there was no point in the beginning to start and pursue them. Realising what can be a realistic goal is important and no exterior force can bring this realisation.

2. Balancing social and academic lives

This realm haunts most of the DU students. The act of balancing here requires being or getting smart enough to be aware of what’s to be done when. Although a person can balance both of them efficiently, the supposed efficiency proves to be detrimental for both the areas. It needs to be understood that in a time frame, only one area needs to be focused on. Focusing on both the areas at the same time would involve a lot of juggling.

3. Figuring out the way to score

After results of a semester are declared, one understands the plus and the minus of the academic system. It is wise to discuss the extrapolation regarding the techniques to score with your college mates. Developing a concrete notion on scoring before starting a semester is always helpful.



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