police station


48 Tibetan students of Delhi University were arrested and sent in custody to Tihar Jail for protesting in front of the Chinese Embassy in Chanakya Puri . The protest was aimed at condemning the human rights violation and Chinese crackdown on Tibetans and culture and religious repression in Tibet.

The 48 students including 19 boys and 29 girls gathered to protest at around 11am on 16th February. The protest lasted for 20 minutes. During the protest, the police carried out a lathi charge, because of which many students got beaten up and one girl was injured and had to be hospitalized. They were all arrested and sent to the Chanakya Puri Police station and around 7pm, they were sent to Tihar Jail. They were released only on the evening of 18th February.

There have been 25 self-immolations since 2009 in Tibet, and most of them wereteenagers. They torched their bodies for the freedom of the Tibetan people and the independence of Tibet (as some of the self-immolators expressly stated). “Even the call by most of the self-immolators for the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet must be interpreted as a call for the restoration of an independent Tibet, as the Dalai Lama”, says a Tibetan student in the University.

“The recent self-immolations are a sign of the frustration and outburst of resentment that the Tibetans have suppressed in their heart for more than 50 long years against Chinese communist regime. And the DU students who protested in front of the Chinese embassy wanted to bring forth the message that enough is enough and that the Communist government should stop their inhumane actions which compels the innocent Tibetans back in Tibet to take such drastic steps. It’s a grave time in Tibet and the whole world needs to be awared of the current situation in Tibet. Right now Tibetan parts of China have been put under even tighter security than normal ahead of the Tibetan new year, which falls on February 22nd. Free Tibet”, says Rinzin Choedon, a DU student and coordinator of Delhi Chapter of the Students for a free Tibet.

Students for a Free Tibet, Delhi is a Delhi based network of students working in solidarity with the Tibetans in their struggle for freedom.