My dear munchkins, I present to you some tangy, ready-to-eat advice for this week. If you are confused about the concept of pansexuality, fret not, because Amma is here to help!

Firstly, what I want to tell you all idlis is that gender identity is one such topic that must not be overlooked, because after all, it tells you more about your own self and whether you like dosas, idlis, chutneys or machis.

Secondly, in simple terms, pansexuality or omnisexuality means an attraction to people regardless of their gender. While the concept of gender is not taken into account when a pansexual person is attracted to someone, you could fall for machas and machis both. Now is the time to get out there and explore your identity, my sweet dosa. This may seem confusing but there is only one difference between pansexuality and bisexuality, munchkin. Bisexuality means you are attracted to him or her, whereas pansexuality means you only fall for the personalities of chutneys, machis and sambhars alike.

My beloved dosa, Amma in her days experimented with so many different idlis and loved the experiences. If you somehow believe you are pansexual, fret not, because it is always better to add more to your pool of chutneys. While it is absolutely up to my lovely munchkin whether you want to identify yourself as bisexual or pansexual, however, this identity will only give you clarity about your preferences of sambhars and dosas.

You may drown yourself in the eyes of your chutney, but make sure you use protection and control birth at all costs. You may also feel the ‘need’ to engage in sexual activities, but my dearest idli, do it whenever you are completely ready and comfortable.

Now go out there and explore according to your needs. Amma will be right here to help!

Sex Amma

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