Outer beauty


Human beings usually, seeing a new individual surrounding them, often judge them, their attire their looks, personality, style of walking, and what not. Even before the person has officially introduces themselves, a bag full of pre-notions based on their censoring mindset has already established their personality for them. But, what they miss is the understanding of the impact their activities are having on the person objectified.

Keeping the same in mind, this article describes the common story of the people, shot by the hands of the hypercritical population.

Judgement is not a word, rather it is an act. An act of making a person drown in a deep ocean of self doubt, an ocean where one, despite of being the biggest fish with distinctive colours and patterns, gets hooked with comparison. What makes this hook unique is that, unlike any other mode of capture, it is an attempt of captivity by self, while the disturbing and troublesome thoughts are the real culprits behind. Continuous comparisons with other fishes, the inhabitants of the illuminated ocean of self love, accompanied with struggles to figure out what makes you unable to swim the way they do, the search for the reasons behind you not sharing their patterns, results in a time when you begin to criticise even your strengths, your size, your colourful body and even your ways of life. The darkness of the opaque ocean fills the mind with self consciousness, making you even more hesitant and anxious to face others. Afraid and unaware of the damage the you are causing to yourself, every gaze appears to pierce you with negativity causing discomfort with your own self, making you forget your worth and identity.

But, what if in that ocean of distress you close your eyes takes a deep breath, hold it, and swim swiftly to the surface, ignoring all the critical thoughts, avoiding all the voices which echo your mind, you keep swimming upwards and upwards, soon enough a pleasant realization will fill your mind making you perceive that the closer you get to the top, the lighter you feel. The darkness soon starts getting replaced by sparkle and luminance, the hook of comparison begins to loosen and the droplet of self love falls in your pot of heart. The piercing gazes are replaced by minute but pleasant smiles of people which spread across their faces when they see you with your distinguishable work.

Judging people is amusing and effortless but coming out of the ocean of blackness for the person getting judged is a formidable task. It is an attempt which snatches a person of their  self identity and confidence, making the curving of lips a rarity. So, the next time you see a person and shrink your eyes as a consequence of the fault finding critical thought which has just hit your mind, hold it for a second and ask yourself is it really worth it?

Feature Image credits  – Faith Over Fear 

Kriti Gupta 

[email protected]