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DSCN9029Jackie Chan loves to sing, the movie 3 Idiots and Biryani. At the China Film Festival held in Siri Fort Complex on 18th June, the multi-faceted actor talked about fostering better ties between the two growing economies. Chan, who was here to inaugurate the first ever China Film Festival in India displayed his interest in acting in a Bollywood movie. “I can sing and dance….I am a good actor,” said the star. He also sent out an open invitation to Bollywood directors to hire him in  their movies stating that all he needed was “a good script”. He wishes to change his image as that of an action superstar to that of an actor and added that he wants to be remembered as “Asia’s Robert De Niro”.

Present with him were his co-stars from his latest film ‘Chinese Zodiac’, who were all praises for him as a director to which Chan quipped,“They have to love me or they are fired!” On being questioned about the strain in the India-China relations recently, Chan hesitant at first, replied that we cannot choose our neighbours and that, we should make more movies on peace. On his never playing the role of the ‘bad guy’ in his films ChanDSCN9030 said, “Young children watch my movies and I do not want to be a bad influence on them.” As an actor and a director, Chan feels it is his responsibility to produce a clean, free of violence film for his audience.

Chan felt that even though there is a lot of good cinema coming out of India, the producers are just not putting in enough effort to promote it globally. The star quipped that he has no time for vacations and only accepts invitation, if there is work involved.

Image credits: Niharika Singh

For someone who has had to endure as much as Burmese pro-Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi for such an extended period of time, it is no less than fascinating that she still retains a youthful charm, made even more potent accompanied now by an ethereal aura. One would imagine that the unrelenting crackdown on their cause, the innumerable attempts at their life, the taxing period of house arrest and the pain of separation from their loved ones would be adequate to crush anyone’s spirit. But like a phoenix that rises from the ashes, she has risen again, with a renewed vigour towards the realization of her cause for democracy for her people. This was something that was visible to all this morning, at her alma mater, Lady Shri Ram College.

Suu, as she was lovingly called during her college days studying Political Science here, arrived at the college for an emotional ‘homecoming’ just past 9.30 am. Accompanied by Hon’ble Minister of State for HRD Shashi Tharoor and several other dignatories including former Union Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar, she was greeted by current students of the college sporting traditional Burmese skirts or longyis, staff as well as her former teachers, as she made her way through a packed college auditorium up the stage for the commencement of her felicitation ceremony. After welcome addresses by the Principal, Dr. Meenakshi Gopinath, the Chairperson Mr. Arun Bharat Ram and Dr. Shashi Tharoor, the Nobel laureate renowned for her intransigent fight for democracy, was honoured by the distinguished panel.

Perhaps the most riveting of the moments was her stirring unrehearsed speech, in which she reached out to ‘her girls’, and all young people at large. She acknowledged the support she always received from the institution, even in times when she had little contact with the outside world and remarked, “… My faith in the oneness of human aspirations is justified.” She further touched upon the “emotional connection” she had with the people of India, and thanked them for their support through trying times. “I feel myself partly a citizen of India”, she said. Addressing young political aspirants, she warned against “unprincipled politics”, urging them to never compromise on their principles if they were to enter the political arena. She concluded by asking for continuing support in the last few steps that Burma had left towards democracy, effectively consolidating all the hearts she had already conquered.


Tanya Dua
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