Situated amidst the environs of a predominantly women oriented atmosphere, right opposite Kamala Nehru and Gargi Colleges are the much sought after food joints of Mithaas and Chowringhee and here is an assimilation of how the plethora of delights that they offer on their menu fare.

Mithaas is the perfect example of how size doesn’t matter. With a confined seating and fairly gloomy lighting, this place witnesses customers ranging from an obvious student from either of the colleges, to families living in the neighbourhood and in the latter half of the day, even those who take cricket coaching at Gargi College. Mithaas has steadily risen to stardom with its flavoursome and unmatched chole bhatture along with grilled vegetable sandwiches, a plate of wholesome samosas and a glass of milkshake which also feature on the list of favourites. Many of those around will swear by indulging in the desi Chinese that this place recreates all the time and also its savoury chaat and gol gappa stall outside the shop. Mithaas certainly fares well in the domains of time for serving, quantity, taste and

affordability but what it lacks is a bit of a quirky touch in terms of infrastructure, space and tidiness, considering that its customer base is widely dominated by students.


With the opening of the well-established and much admired joint of South campus named Chowringhee right across the two colleges, students are steadily pouring in to enjoy the unsurpassed and the absolute forte of this joint – Kathi rolls.  With various filling options like mutton, paneer, egg and potatoes what endears most customers are the chicken rolls. “It is an absolute bliss for students with a jam packed time table to quickly grab a tasty bite at Chowringhee”, says a Kamala Nehru student munching on, at their counter. You could easily satiate a grumbling tummy with their absolutely scrumptious food without giving a second thought to the cost. Kudos to them, for what they are best at!