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Lazy winters with our legs tightly packed together under the quilt and hands almost turning to ice because of the chilly weather outside all we crave for is a cup of ‘Chai’. Winter, the weather of shivers, and Tea, the elixir of warmth is a combination made in heaven. Whether it’s the morning bed tea or the evening dose of energy boost, tea forms the most important and endearing part of our lives. Considering the extent of love we have for our cup of chai the market has come up with varied flavoured teas to suit our different emotional requirements. Below, are hence mentioned the few best of them which have excellent outcomes not only for our taste buds but also for our psychic needs -:

1. INSOMINA (Lavender tea)

Sleep deprived Rolling on the bed or blankly looking at the fan on the ceiling is an ending to a day that no one can desire for. There can be many reasons for Insomnia such as, anxiety, stress, medication etc. Just having a cup of Lavender tea which is prepared by the purple buds of freshly plucked Lavender flowers before bed can provide you with a soothing and peaceful sleep which will not only provide your face with a new shine the next morning but will also enable you to start the next day with a new and a healthy spirit.

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2. ENERGY BOOST UP (Oolong tea)

Getting up early on Monday mornings and heading to work is the most difficult task, we encounter every week. Having a cup of Oolong tea which prevents stress and fills you with enthusiasm can save you from the difficult Monday blues. Enriched with L-thealine oolong tea makes you feel energetic and provides you with the essential motivation you need after every weekend.

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3. DESTRESS (Chamomile tea)

Devoid of caffeine chamomile tea replaces all your stress, anxiety and worries with calm, comfort and peace. A shot of chamomile tea everyday after work releases you of fatigue and enables you to go to your bed with serenity. It also soothes menstrual pain and reduces the cramps and mood swings during ‘that time’ of the month.

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4. EMOTIONAL WELL BEING (Turmeric tea)

With lives full of hustle and bustle due to everyday experiences in professional and personal lives maintenance of an overall healthy emotional well being appears to be a major task. In such a lifestyle adding a habit of sipping Turmeric tea in your daily routine can make it easier for us. Having an influence on the serotonin and dopamine levels in our body it provides us with the warm and fuzzy feelings we all crave for.

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5. KEEPING AWAKE (Black tea )

Having a large amount of undone work that requires you to stay awake but, your eyes are shutting with sleep ? Worry not Black tea with Caffeine as its natural stimulant is there for your rescue. Just a shot of black tea not only vanishes your sleep but also gives you a push of euphoria providing you with an energy to finish off your Assignment or reports.

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So, the next time you leave from your house make sure your bag carries the appropriate tea bag to complement your day ahead.

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