The Embassy’s Samosa- A small fast food joint of The Embassy situated in Cannaught Place, this eatery serves sandwiches, corn, and samosas amongst other things. If you order a ‘medium’ samosa here, be ready to be surprised with a huge one that is nothing compared to any average samosa you have ever eaten. One medium samosa costs you Rs.30, and a large one, Rs.50.

The samosa has a decent filling of potatoes, peas, paneer, mixed with other spices and is  served with mint chutney and tomato ketchup. Unfortunately, it did not live up to its name despite the promising size. The filling was decent, but nothing great. Sadly, even the chutney could not help the samosa in any way- Definitely not the best samosa found in Delhi.

Keventer’s Shakes- After the steaming samosa, we move on to one of the oldest fast food joints of CP. This place is a favourite among all generations- be it the kids, the young college goers, the uncles and aunties and even the grandparents!

The place is best known for its milkshakes and ice cream shakes, which they serve in a variety of flavours- coffee, chocolate, strawberry, banana, butterscotch and more. They also serve sandwiches and bread pakoras, but the shakes are what draw the crowds. One milkshake costs Rs.50, with a more than sufficient quantity served in a big glass bottle. With no seats or tables around, people usually take their order and enjoy it while standing there itself, or while walking the streets of Cannaught Place. All the hype surrounding Keventer’s shakes is definitely worth it. With perfect proportions and just the right amount of sugar, each sip leaves you feeling refreshed, satisfied, and definitely wanting more. We recommend everyone to stop by Keventer’s at least once.


Picture courtesy-grubhohgs.com

[/caption] South Campus is often looked upon as North Campus’ poor cousin; the cousin with few ‘cool’ colleges and not much to offer. But this is only a common misconception. There’s no doubting the fact that South can give North a run for its money any day. Not only does it have some of the best colleges but also some of the coolest hangout zones. Satya Niketan is a shining example of exactly that. It’s South Campus’ answer to their Kamla Nagar, or KNags, as they prefer to call it. It is inarguably the most preferred hangout spot for the South Campus folks. There is nothing else that could possibly explain why students from Venky, JMC, DCAC, Maitreyi, RLA etc. flock to it every day. Known for its hookah parlours, Satya Niketan is also famous for its amazing food. And the variety is mind boggling! 34 Chowringhee Lane needs absolutely no introduction for there is no greater sin for a South Campus student than missing out on their rolls, a sin that can never be atoned. Missing out on the mouth watering rolls which are a specialty of the market is just an added disadvantage. The tandoori momos from QD’s, the yummy milk shakes and Maggi from Keventers, the burgers from Bake Day… the list of the delicious food available is endless. The folks here are also open to experimenting with different cuisines as is proven by the newly opened Naga eatery, Essence of the East. But for those who like to play it safe, there’s also Pizza Hut and CCD. Another major attraction here is the string of pool parlours and gaming arcades. Not only does it prove to be a stress buster for most students, it also serves as a convenient place for them to hang out when they want to bunk classes but don’t know where to go. The only drawback, the market has limited options for shopping. However, a few boutiques have recently opened up here but whether or not they get good business is something that only time will tell. And even if it doesn’t, Sarojini Nagar will always remain a stone’s throw away.   Surya Rajappan [email protected]]]>