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One thing you can’t help adoring about Winters is the saturation it brings with itself. The sheer retardation of the pace of life, the relaxation, the postponement of activity which is at the very heart of winter is simply splendid.

As you all might be marvelling the sway of winter and how come you are spending hours together rejoicing the intimate embrace of your quilt, here we are with an idea which shall further add fire to this intimacy and what’s best, shall screen you from mamma’s frowns and rebukes.

Now we all have been binge watching all through the semester and there is hardly any territory left to be conquered. It’s all cliché now.

So let’s introduce you to ‘binge-reading’, and along with it to all those heart-throbbers, mind-bogglers, nerve-throttlers and nail-biting stories which all these sequential novels have got to tell. Rest assured,  they won’t let you get off the bed, ensuring those long hours of ménage à trois.

1. Clifton Chronicles. (Jeffrey Archer)

This one is an absolute page-turner. Dive into the lives of Cliftons and Barringtons as you sympathise with Jessica, Seb and of course Harry, and his peculiar love story.

2. The Lord Of The Rings. (J.R.R. Tolekin)

Been here, seen it? But the book is a class ahead. It’s a sheer fest for the novices and ‘movie-ces’ alike, dive into the mesmerising tale of men, elves and dwarves in these power-packed, thrilling installments.

3. The adventure of Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Conan Doyle)

The story of the classic consulting detective and the modern high functioning sociopath, it needs no description. Hit amazon and begin with ‘A Study In Scarlet’. Doyle will guide you through the rest.

4. The Dark Tower Series (Stephen King)

The mangum opus from the King of storytellers, Dark tower is thrill, horror and fantasy at its darkest. Accompany Ronald Deschain as he sets on his quest to find the dark towers amid insurmountable odds in this eight book marathon.

5. Harry Potter series (J. K. Rowling)

There you have it, finally! If you still have a feeling that binge-reading is not your forté, start with this immortal, magical tale of Harry, Ron and Hermione and, of course, Lord Voldemort.

Nikhil Kumar

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