Histrionica 2014


After Papa CJ, Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan, it was time for Raghu Dixit to entertain SRCC. As part of Livewire at Histrionica 2014, The Raghu Dixit performed for the massive crowd that gathered in the SRCC parking lot. The event was open for non SR-ites as well and this meant that people lined up to watch the performance. Despite the delay, the numbers never dwindled and most people would agree with the fact that it was truly worth the wait.

With songs from their latest album Jag Changa as well as some of their all time favorites like Ambar, Khidki, Hey Bhagwan, No man will ever love you like I do and many more, fans were truly in for a treat as they enjoyed the concert.

Histrionica brought some of the biggest names in the Industry over the course of the festival and the performance by The Raghu Dixit Project definitely had everyone on their feet.

Third day’s the charm, right? It so was. Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan made it to Shri Ram College of Commerce on 26th February to promote their upcoming movie Shaadi ke side effects. Keeping the information to themselves until the very day, the Dramatics society of SRCC restricted the entry to SRites only.


After watching the SRCC’s in-house stage production, “Black comedy”, people proceeded to behold their favorite stars and a huge gathering of more than fifteen hundred students was witnessed in the parking area of the college. The event which was scheduled to begin at 1:15, began around 4:00pm, making the crowd wane a little. In order to keep the constant booing of the crowd at bay, the organizers played songs of Honey Singh at full volume making few dance and few giddy.


When the duo arrived at last, the two and hour wait was completely worth it. While Vidya looked refreshing and addressed the crowd with her beautiful smile, Farhan made the crowd specially girls go week in the knees with his deep sensuous voice. They threw out CDs of the movie to the crowd and interacted with them for about ten minutes. Signing off, Farhan recited the poem from “Zindagi na Milegi Doobara” while Vidya waived and thanked the gathering for having them there.

Image Credit: Mehr Gill for DU Beat

The Sri Ram College of Commerce auditorium was packed to capacity with students lining up to see Papa CJ bring his unique brand of comedy to Delhi University. The performance was the highlight of day two at Histrionica 2014. The International comedy sensation had the audience in splits as Papa CJ didn’t even spare the SRCC principal in his act.


He didn’t miss out on a single opportunity to roast the students and the faculty of SRCC with digs at the various societies and foundation courses while he not so subtly continued to crack jokes about things like politics and terrorism. In classic Papa CJ style he constantly kept the audience involved as he made them do an exercise to enjoy comedy and mock as many spectators as he possibly could. As he continued to profess his pride to be Indian, he continued to rip American checking at Airports and second generation Indians in Britain a new one.

With all the inside jokes on SRCC about Crossroads, the Dramatics Society, Demeanor and of course the gay boy digs at the Doscos sitting in the audience he made sure that the students did nothing short of falling of their chairs as they laughed through the act.

Want to laugh a little? Here are two cracks from the show!

“The only two types of people who do Yoga are foreigners and first year B.Com students.”

“What the hell is Integrated Mind Body and Heart? In our time we called that Masturbation.”

The Dramatics society of Shri Ram College Commerce (SRCC) is back with its annual fest, Histrionica! The four-day fest kick started on 24th February with the Nukkad Natak – Aahvaan. Despite not being a competitive event, it celebrated the vibrancy and exuberance of street play with great vigor. Around forty five teams participated in the prelims that took place on Sunday, out of which only eight made it through to perform in the finals. Although this year the familiar zest about the fest seemed a tad bit missing, the decoration (including minions) and excitement among the spectators was palpable.

The common call started at 1:30 pm with the entire dramatics society dancing and hooting around the college and singing there theme song “oh-ha”. The event took place at the co-op area and around 150 students surrounded the place to watch the teams perform. Kirori Mal College with its act “Company Raj” began the event. Next in line was Hans Raj College, stunning the audience with its extra ordinary performance, “Rehaayi” meaning freedom. It portrayed the reason why “criminals” commit crime and why they deserve a chance to relive. Khalsa College and Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies were no less who presented “We, the people” and “Rajneeti Unplugged” respectively. They stressed that common man is as much a part of politics as anyone else.

SRCC gave a performance full of humor and satire on “Bhram” meaning illusion. Hindu College and Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce (GGSCC) were as good as any of the others. Where Hindu college mocked the education system with its play “Kaisi yeh path shala”, GGS came up with “Chidiya ki Kahani”, stupefying the audience and compelling them to fight away the patriarchal society. IP College for Women was the last one with their play “Mooch neech ka Papada” before the tired yet extremely satisfied audience dispersed and the judges congratulated the teams.

Upcoming events at Histrionica include the stage theatre acts at Charades, along with a comedy night with Papa CJ and a closing act with the Raghu Dixit Project.